Healing Body, Mind & Soul at NAAD WELLNESS

By Surbhi Channa

1. Experts on Ayurveda, Naturopathy & Yoga. 2. Offer customized diet

Doctors Consultancy

1. Customized meals 2. Vegetarian 3. Cooked in Desi ghee

Cuisine at Naad

1. ‘Tridosha’ cooking specialist 2. Cooks fresh & seasonal produce

In-House Chef: Mr. Sahajan

2. Aligned with six Indian seasons (ritus)

Freshly Produced Vegetables in the backyard

Rejuvenating Therapies in Detox program

Offers many disease treatments

Nikhaar by Naad : holistic detox approach

Many fitness & recreational activities

Multiple accommodation options among rooms & suites

"It was a refreshing experience and it rebooted my energy. You should definitely visit this venue."