The Modern Indian Gourmet Experience @VARQ..

The Modern Indian Gourmet Experience @VARQ..

It was a special day, after all it was my dear husband’s birthday and we decided to splurge. Varq was one name on my husband’s mind since long and we finally decided to go there for a special meal.

Named for India’s exotic edible gold leaf, Varq seats 82 guests and includes a private dining room for 14. Interior designers Mario and Theo Nicolaou created a classic contemporary ambiance by using dark wood, creamy leather and gold textures to complement traditional Indian artwork. Rosewood wall paneling and a dark chocolate tile floor contrast with the gold leaf coffered ceiling. The restaurant’s dramatic entrance features a pair of illuminated cylindrical glass sculptures with polished cut glass floral details set in gold leaf to create a sense of arrival at a jeweled trinket box.

This ultra-fine dining Indian restaurant is placed a level down from the ground floor, on the left side. You need to take the staircase to reach the restaurant. As we entered, the décor seemed quite sophisticated and classy. Overlooking, the lush gardens, we took the corner table. The garden view from the window glass and beams of sunlight falling on us seemed quite enchanting.

While we were being asked on our choice for a bottled Or sparkling water, I left no chance to let them know that it was my husband’s birthday 😉 I am quite shameless like that and my husband was hell embarrassed. You think, it mattered to me, never!

We were now welcomed with their signature mocktail drink ‘Tamarind Orange Juice’ (FYI- This is not a regular pattern, we were served this drink because it was a special day for us 😉 The drink was really refreshing and the taste was wonderful.

Now, the important moment, what to order? I try to be wise at times, to save some portions of our hard earned money (Or so I would like to believe :P). We chose dishes from the Main Course Menu- Paneer Anardana (Cottage Cheese with pounded pomegranate) – full portion, Dal Makhani (red lentils simmered overnight and enriched with chef’s special recipe) & Lasooni Palak (Spinach tempered with Garlic) –From the choice of Samplers, Martabaan ka Meat (lamb cooked with pickled chillies in an earthen pot)- Husband’s choice (I am strictly a vegetarian) and our respective choice of breads.

Samplers were strictly just as the name suggests, they were not enough for even one person. Dal Makhani was average, Lasooni Palak was decent, Paneer was sumptuous and Meat was relishing (in my husband’s words). Size of bread was too small (pricing is not as small though). You can’t complain because you’ve entered a 5 star hotel and you’re supposed to be having overpriced dishes. I understand and accept, but can we not have better portions at least for the kind of money we are paying.

Mr. Thomas (the representative who served us) was kind enough to offer us sweet paan, followed by a birthday present (rose tea leaves packed in a lovely pink cover). Very thoughtful of them to do this gesture J!

Overall, the experience was lovely and the food was decent. Portions can get better as per the pricing.

WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT VARQIt is a modern Indian gourmet dining experience with authentic, artistic dishes created by Taj Corporate Chef Hemant Oberoi and paired with teas to enhance enjoyment of the dishes’ ingredients. Varq is part of Chef Oberoi’s masala cuisine concept, which reinvents Indian food with new techniques, innovative plated presentations and organic produce and spices. Chef Oberoi is faithful to the diverse homemade Indian dishes, while evolving traditional Indian recipes for contemporary palates. At Varq, he uses ingredients such as sea bass, diver’s scallops, foie gras, halibut, sand crab and Karachi prawns.


WHAT’S THE BUDGETPlease keep at least 5 k for a good meal for two!


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