Women are breaking the code with Enfield Riders!

Women are breaking the code with Enfield Riders!

Enfield Riders is turning every girl’s dream into reality with its Women Motorcycle Coaching

Biking is no more just a dream, Ladies!

A Bike has always been a symbol of power, independence and confidence for me! I have grown up admiring bikes and envying boys and men riding away in swag & style!  I was always tempted to ride those beauties (Pulsar being the most popular one a decade back) but was made to believe that it’s a man’s thing in this Man’s World..!! Huh, I was too innocent to think otherwise at that age and stage. It was only during my twenties, when my wisdom teeth made their way to my life that I started pestering my guy friends to teach me how to ride. Some of them were sweet enough to put their life at stake and sit behind me and let me ride their bike. Blissfully, I managed to ride quite decently in my very first attempt and that encouraged me to try it a couple of times again.

Life got busy with work, some ups and downs and then, marriage happened {hey, by choice 😉 } and I never got time to think about this secret love of mine – Biking of course! As they say, women can never forget their first love, so I just couldn’t take biking out of my mind. I started following women bikers on social media platform and that’s how, I came across Ms. Chetna Pandit’s profile. Ms. Pandit is a trainer with Enfield Riders Motorcycle Tour Company, which I didn’t know when I started following her in June this year. I first wrote to her and after chasing her for a couple of weeks, I convinced her to schedule the Delhi training in September a period when it doesn’t rain, an important prerequisite. I quickly checked the weather forecast and asked her to fix it for Sept.  She was kind enough to take my suggestion and froze the dates for 16th & 17th of Sept.

The next step was to convince my family to provide a NOC for my motorcycle training, LOL! Life’s dimensions are slightly different post marriage for most women, however in my case, I only have one person to thank for supporting me in all my endeavours! Initially, he did resist a bit considering my safety but eventually he was sweet enough to support me for the same. No marks for guessing, this person is of course my Husband!

Now, the most awaited day of my life arrived and it was 8:00 am on a Saturday morning when I was introduced to nine other women looking as excited and passionate for biking. All of them had come from different parts of Delhi NCR. We all made it on time for our training day.

Arun & Chetna (our trainers) welcomed all of us and introduced themselves as official Enfield Riders trainers who would be our mentor and will be solely responsible for our riding skills – good, bad, ugly.

We were divided into two batches, five girls each under both the trainers. We were first imparted the theoretical knowledge of the importance of safety gears, handling the bike, different speed gears, its synchronisation and appliance of front breaks etc. We were then handed over the safety gear and helmet, followed by the practical learning of bike riding. The actual riding started and each one of us got our respective chance to do what we all were waiting for!

Bike Riding

I was quite decent at my first attempt and that definitely gave me the confidence to ride more and more! While I tried to hold my breath and take turns safely, there were some bonkers (can’t be called bikers for sure) who knew nothing about road rules and were overtaking from the left without blinking their indicators. All the men passing by, including some lawyers (since our training took place close to the Saket District Court) were utterly shocked and couldn’t hold back to twist their neck more than 360* to stare at the group of women bikers.

Our group had a mix of women from different walks of life including a young energetic college student to a mother of two grown-ups, a product designer to an aspirational business woman working in her family business.

The training included 16 hours of theoretical and practical training, divided between two days of 8 hours each. One the first day, the training was focused on riding the bike on the first & second gears, balancing, turns and applying breaks smoothly. Our trainer sat behind us and played his crucial part to perfection by supporting us and impart the correct skill insightfully, they were extremely patient and dealt with all our anxiety and fears with utmost fluency and kindness.

The second day, was all about practising and riding solo. Many of us were reluctant initially, however after seeing one or two of us being gutsy and confident, all of us felt reassured and ultimately all of us gave it a shot! Later in the day the training was focused on tips and tricks, like picking up the bike (if you ever fall down), kick starting the bike, changing the fuse, taking off the bike from the stand and many other important points. In the end, we were handed over the certificate of participation along with our RE Coffee Mug. Biding goodbyes are always difficult and this one definitely was!

These two days have been watermarked as the most memorable moments in my life’s diary. We were all smiles and were grateful to these two beautiful souls for turning our dream into reality. Hope, all the women participants can now just go back and keep riding ourselves!! And as they say, all’s well that ends well! Though, this is not the end, but the beginning of another chapter..!!! Vrrooom, Vrrrooommm..!!!

ABOUT  ENFIELD RIDERS MOTORCYCLE TOUR COMPANY: Since 2014, Enfield Riders has been successfully running Woman Motorcycle Coaching (WMC) Academy wherein 1000+ Woman Participants have been trained across the country. Whether it’s their WMC Camps or Rides with a Cause for Breast Cancer Awareness, Woman Empowerment, Girl Child Education and much more – woman on motorcycles have been contributing immensely to bring about the much-needed change. So be a part of the initiative and meet like-minded women on the road less traveled 🙂


  • Royal Enfield 350cc Motorcycle & Fuel for entire coaching session
  • Experienced Woman Motorcycle Coach
  • Safety Gear – Riding Jacket, Gloves, Knee Guards, Helmet
  • Enfield Riders Merchandise – Branded Mugs
  • Certificate of Completion of Motorcycle Coaching
  • Snacks & Refreshments with Mineral Water at Breaks
  • 1 Coach/ Instructor for a group of 5 participants (1:5 ratio)

The Course Content would be split in Practical & Theory as mentioned below

Day 1 – 8 hours


Day 2 – 8 hours


         i.            An introduction of the bike – Model, Weight of the bike, Petrol tank capacity, Clutch, Front & Rear Brakes, Throttle, Horn, Lights & Indicators etc.

  1. Technique of Sitting on Bike & balancing
  2. Start & Stop
  3. Riding on First & Second Gear
  4. Keeping legs up & balancing
  5. Turns
  6. Checking Mirrors

  1. Practice Start & Stop
  2. Riding on Third & Fourth Gear
  3. Turns
  4. Balancing in Traffic
  5. Using Rear Brakes
  6. Kick Start







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