City of Joy ‘Kolkata’ to have the first ever underwater Metro of India

City of Joy ‘Kolkata’ to have the first ever underwater Metro of India

India is primed to get its first underwater metro in Kolkata, which will pass through a tunnel which will run beneath the river Hooghly. This jaw-dropping invention is all set to amaze India.

The tunnel is being dug 30 metres below the riverbed and is a few metres away from the renowned Howrah Bridge. The first underwater tunnel transportation is complete while the second one is rolling fast and should be ready soon.

This is the first time India will witness such a concept which makes it distinctive. There has been no such mode of transportation built under any river in India, making Kolkata Metro tunnel a high-tech prodigy.

The trains will run rapidly and will be there after every two and a half minutes. It will be connecting two main terminals: Howrah and Sealdah – each of which has a footfall of about 10-12 lakh passengers per day.

The entire 16.6-kilometre stretch of the first tunnel is ready. The second tunnel is yet to be completed. Of the entire length, 10.8 kms is underground and around one kilometre is underwater..

These types of tunnel-boring machines, which we call ‘earth pressure balancing tunnel boring machines’, have been used for the first time in Eastern India,” said Satish Kumar, Managing Director of Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.

Since the tunnel is going through many heritage buildings, special care has been taken to ensure no harm shall be caused to them.

The Metro train will run under the sea at a maximum speed of 350 km/hour. The East-West Metro is scheduled to be operational by August 2019.



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