bigbasket’s new and healthy ‘GoodDiet’ range of superfoods is all that you need for a healthy lifestyle

As I have taken up the challenge to lose some kilos and become healthy, the toughest part is to drop the temptation of hogging my favorite junk food (Chola Bhaturas and Pao Bhajis) that I have been swearing by all these years.. Gosh, it’s going to be damn difficult.

In order to achieve my fitness goal, what I EAT becomes the most important part of my life. Hence, the biggest change I have adopted is to replace my habit of Snacking Fried Food by @bigbasketcom GoodDiet range (foods that pack a punch of health).

bigbasket, India’s largest online supermarket, has launched a new healthy range of foods called the “GoodDiet” range which is full of nutrition. This healthy range consists of ready-to-cook mixes, roasted snacks, and other superfoods – the ones our grandmother told us about – which one can enjoy on the move! This health-friendly snacking comes with multiple benefits such as better digestive health, minimizing signs of ageing, lowering blood cholesterol and regulating metabolism.

Big Basket Good Diet

This GoodDiet category of products comes after the recent launch of its ready-to-eat range of salads and single serves. Like the latter, GoodDiet range is also aimed at those who are always on the move but health conscious at the same time.

The ready-to-cook mixes are made from wholegrains such as Foxtail Millet, Kodo Millet, and Oats. Among the various options in roasted snacks are roasted flaxseeds, roasted pumpkin seeds and chia seeds. The super foods include buckwheat flour, amaranth grains and a variety of seeds from buckwheat to pumpkin. This new offering by bigbasket not only retains that flavor factor but also gives a healthier twist to cooking and snacking. Additionally, some of them are gluten-free, and thus, beneficial to those who may normally feel limited by allergies and dietary restrictions.

Big Basket Good Diet

The GoodDiet range offers an assortment of 12 different types of high-quality superfoods:

✓ White Quinoa Grains & White Quinoa Flour

✓ Black Rice & Forest Wild Rice

✓ Ancient Red Rice & White and Black Chia Seeds

✓ Roasted Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds

✓ Buckwheat Grains & Buckwheat Flour

✓  Organic Amaranth

Apart from the above mentioned, there is also an assortment of ready-to-cook healthy breakfast mixes such as millets dosa mix, kodo millet Pongal mix, oats idli, and others. For people like me who love to snack in between meals, there are various roasted snacks available as part of the range.

Big Basket Good Diet

In case, you want to be healthy too, then bigbasket Good Diet (GD) Products & Pricing is mentioned below-

✓ GD Breakfast Health Drink- Millet Vita, 100g @INR 59 for 100 g

✓ GD Breakfast Mix- Little Millet Kesari Bath, 200g @INR 79 for 200 g

✓ GD Buckwheat Seed, 500g @INR 175 for 500g

✓ GD Snacks- Roasted Quinoa Puff Tangy Margherita, 70g @INR 79 for 70g

✓ GD Snacks- Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, 125g @INR 219 for 125g

*Available at

Let’s get healthy together! Cheers!





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