Luxurious Weekend Getaway from Delhi

Luxurious Weekend Getaway from Delhi

If you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway from Delhi, without tiring yourself much, ‘The Westin Sohna Resort & Spa’ is the perfect destination for you!

This beautiful resort is waiting to pamper you, situated at Sohna-Gurgaon Road, just two hour drive from Delhi (approx. 75 kms) & 1 hour from Gurgaon.

Spread across 37 acres of lush green land with state-of-the-art elegant design, the resort is a perfect weekend getaway to relax and rejuvenate.

Golf cart




You have to take a short walk, before you finally reach your room, and one can even choose the trolley car if wanting to avoid the walk..






We chose to walk instead, enjoying the colourful flowers smiling all across. The fresh air will charge up your lungs with energy and vigour.

Westin Sohna


This was our home for the weekend and we loved itWestin Resort

The rooms are huge and spacious, with 2 balconies attached. Had our morning tea in that balcony with birds chirping and singing around, it works as sound therapy




One can enjoy the countryside setting of The Westin Sohna Resort and Spa in an elegant style on the royal horseback, for the nature enthusiasts the resort offers  a horse paddock where their trained associates take you on a guided tour of the resort on the graceful horses

Horse Riding at Westin SohnaMeet Sultan, who was the newly brought Royal Horse J I had a fancy ride on him and learnt a few tricks of horse- riding from my trainer



 One can enjoy the thrilling new sport of Aqua Zorbing and explore the adventure of rolling inside an orb at the Splash Pool

Aqua Zorbing



The private Lake attached to this resort is the best & the most beautiful therapy for happiness available there, and mind you, there’s nothing extra being charged to experience this gorgeous lake out there. One can go and spend as much time gazing at the lake, conversing with the much friendly geese playing there and getting some moments of peace, away from the world.

Located a short walk from the boundaries of the property, one can experience a different world altogether.

Westin LakeThe expansive water body has been restored and refurbished by the resort, and is surrounded by palm trees, sandy landscape, a plethora of greens and even inhabited by a variety of birds- ducks and geese- to name a few.


Westin Lake


You will get to meet these beautiful Geese playing aroundGeese at Westin Lake



FISHING:  Pick up your fishing rod and get set to experience the real thrill of getting the catch of the day.
At INR 600/- all inclusive, for 2 hours



 CYCLING: Explore the 37 acres of lush green Westin Sohna Resort and Spa going back to the nature on the bicycles.

CRICKET: Enjoy a game  of cricket that happens to be first love of many across the globe.



  • Recreational Value: 4 (There’s space for many more activities, must be added)
  • Peace: 4.5 (It’s serene, away from traffic, noise & pollution, to the say the least)
  • Food: 3 (There’s scope to improvise the quality & add more options)
  • Room (Space & cleanliness): 5
  • Surroundings of the resort: 4 (The only bummer is the short walk towards the lake, which is full of stagnant dirty water, NEEDS TO GET CLEANED)

Overall Scores:  FOUR (4)


  • 37 acres of lush greens
  • Beautiful and Huge Rooms, with Balconies attached
  • Recreational Facilities- Horse-Riding, Aqua Zorbing, Cycling, Fishing etc.
  • Heavenly Spa to rejuvenate your soul
  • The Westin Lake- Mini Kerala is how I will define it


Just when you are in the mood for a romantic weekend getaway, this is the place for you! Here you will get to experience royalty clubbed with heritage

Tijara Fort Logo.

Tijara Fort Palace is a 19th century palace, adorning beautiful art works. This property has been revamped by Neemrana and they officially opened the doors for travellers in January this year only.

An ideal weekend getaway from Delhi, it has 21 guest rooms and suites that have a wonderful decor and come with modern comforts. Enjoy memorable heritage experiences here during your stay.

It has seven terraced gardens commanding a magnificent view above the tall ramparts.

The best part of this Fort is that all the rooms here are by the name of Ranis/Maharanis/Lady Achievers such as Anjolie Mahal, Anju Mahal, Bharti Mahal, Pushpmala Mahal, Vishakha Mahal, Arpita Mahal etc. The feminist inside us will love this 😉

Image: Arpita Mahal

Anjolie Mahal-The suite, has a large frescoed wall painted by the renowned painter – Anjolie Ela Menon whereas Anju Mahal- the suite is adorned with details of the works of Anju Dodiya, renowned for a new cutting-edge style. All rooms have their unique touch to it.


Anjolie Mahal

Rooms are quite spacious and each room is unique and illustrious in its own way.

We stayed in Nayna Mahal, room was just as the name suggests- eye pleasing (Nayna)Tijara Fort
Tijara Fort Room


  This path connects you to different parts of the fort- the front one being Hawa Mahal              Tijara Fort

This large pool offers you heaps of laps 

Tijara Fort Pool

WHY SHOULD I GO HERE: For the love of heritage within a short drive, relaxation, peace, spending quality time with your partner/family. Do we need anything more?

WHAT ELSE: Can be a good venue for Destination Wedding! You may consider this if thinking of getting married anytime soon!

SOME GYAAN SHYAAN: Tijara Fort Palace has three palace wings spread across 8 acres. The dining (Hawa Mahal & Chattis Dari) and living areas (Rani Mahal & Mardana Mahal) are linked by spectacular hanging gardens. It embraces 1 Pent House Suite, 3 Turret Suites, 5 Suites, 7 Turret Grand Rooms, 3 Grand Rooms and 42 Rooms which can sleep a total of 157 guests.

PLACES TO VISIT CLOSE TO TIJARA: Alwar, Siliserh Lake and Palace, Sariska National Park, Bhartrihari Temple, Pandupol Temple, Talvriksha, the tombs and the Jain temples of Tijara.

HOW TO REACH: Total Distance: 120 kms (approx.) from Delhi; Mode: Self Drive is the best option. It’s a smooth 2 and a half hour drive from Delhi


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