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Indian women are considered as epitome of beauty and elegance. Indian attire is what makes their beauty look more graceful and dignified. Kurtis are preferably the first choice of every Indian woman when it comes to comfort and style. Kurtis are the perfect attire to be worn at different occasions and celebrations.

Pastel Euphoria by Craftsvilla is designed beautifully to suit every Indian woman- be it a corporate woman, young college girl, a housewife or a business woman. They have got diverse designs to match the requirement of every Indian woman. Be it a festival or a corporate event, family get together or a date night, these pastel Kurtis are apt for every outing. It adds the much needed sophistication to her persona, elevating her style quotient to another level.

Pair it with jeans, leggings or palazzos, to suit your comfort and style and look chic with each combination.

The Pastel Design Kurtis by Craftsvilla are oh-so perfect for this festive season. Celebrate the festivity in the most comfortable Indian outfit and party in full swing. Your outfit should reflect the touch of Indian culture.

Below are the two Kurtis that I totally loved and I have added to my wardrobe for the festival ahead.

Craftsvilla Kurti         Craftsvilla Pastel                                     Printed Mint Anarkali Style Kurti Dress with Pastel Rose Tie up Jacket at INR 1899/-

  Craftsvilla Pastel                                          Printed Mint Colour One-shoulder Ruffle Sleeves Kurti Dress at INR 1399/-

There are multiple designs available online at and you can check out an array of gorgeous options..!! Enjoy Festivity.. Cheers..!!!





Realme 2 Pro with “Max Power, Max Style” launched

  • Launched in three variants, 4+64GB at INR 13,990/-; 6+64GB at INR 15,990/- and 8+128GB at INR 17,990/-
  • Becomes the first phone with 8GB RAM and 90.8% Dewdrop full screen in its price segment

Realme 2 Pro, is available in three variants: 

Version Colors Price (INR) First Sale
4GB RAM+64GB ROM Black Sea/ Blue Ocean/ Ice Lake 13,990/-  

October 11, 2018, 00:00 (October 10 midnight) onwards

6GB RAM+64GB ROM Black Sea/ Blue Ocean/ Ice Lake 15,990/-
8GB RAM+128GB ROM Black Sea/ Blue Ocean/ Ice Lake 17,990/-


Realme, the smartphone brand that specializes in providing high quality products for youth, announced the launch of its flagship of the year, Realme 2 Pro at Amity University in Noida today.  Realme 2 Pro, is set to become a benchmark in the mid-range segment owing to its ‘Max Power, Max Style’ proposition. The device carries a formidable Snapdragon 660 AIE processor and comes in three variants; 4 GB RAM + 64 GB ROM at INR 13,990/-, 6GB RAM + 64 GB ROM at INR 15,990/- and 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM at INR 17,990/- . Realme 2 Pro, with a super large and marvelous view, 6.3-inch Dewdrop Full Screen and the highest screen-to-body ratio of 90.8% in its segment, will be exclusively available on Flipkart from October 11, at 00:00 Hours (October 10 midnight) onwards. The phone will be available in three trendy new colors- Blue Ocean, Black Sea and Ice Lake.

Real Me Pro

Speaking at the launch of Realme 2 ProMadhav Sheth, Chief Executive Officer, Realme India, said, “With our first offering in the mid-range segment, we bring to you Realme 2 Pro, packed with a powerful processor, dewdrop full screen, superlative photography experience and much more, furthering our product philosophy of Power meets Style. We are a 1 million+ brand now in less than 4 months which we have achieved with just two phones in the market. We have entered markets like Indonesia, Vitenam, and entering UAE in November. By early next year, we will be having 10 global markets.”

 Sky Li, Global CEO of Realme, said, “I have been deeply touched by the love and strong support our fans have shown for Realme. We will continue to bring more beautiful designs, high-quality products and exceptional services especially for Indian youth.”

Realme, born from OPPO, now an independent brand targeted at global youth, had recently released its first brand film with a new brand slogan ‘Proud to be Young’, epitomizing the brand and its global positioning. The film emotes and evangelizes the brand proposition of Realme- a brand of the young, by the young and for the young.

Real 2 Pro

Some more fantastic features are stated below:

  • 90.8% screen-to-body ratio brings excellent visual experience
  • Smooth performance thanks to powerful hardware configuration
  • 16-megapixel AI cameras take better photos
  • ColorOS 5.2, the key to smart new life

Check out their website for further details-



Boost Your Energy & Stay Uber Cool With TE-A-ME Ice Brew Tea

Are you a tea lover? Do you rely on that small cup of tea to up your energy levels, just like me? Then I have got some amazing news for you. What if I told you that now you can get refreshing cold ice brews at a blink of an eye? Yes, you read it right! All you need is some cold water, TE-A-ME bags and your cool ice brew is ready in a jiffy. Whether you’re running late for work or getting tired at work, TE-A-ME ice brews are your go-to-buddy every time.


Te-A-Me Ice Brew

I got my hands on the newly launched Ice-Brew by TE-A-ME and I am so much in love with the flavours. It has become a part of my daily routine that I make sure to grab a cup both in the morning & in the evening. It’s so refreshing that a cup of TE-A-ME ice brew rejuvenates me totally and I feel super charged each time.

TE-A-ME Ice Brew


TE-A-ME can spoil you for choice. It offers five different flavors of ice brews – Lemon, Wild Berry, Peach, Mint Green and Lychee. Each one is a delicious new blend of fruits, herbs and all things nice. These are all-natural and super-healthy, giving a refreshing burst of goodness with every sip. Even better, they can be brewed in minutes, just using cold water.- no boiling required.

 TE-A-ME Ice Bags


Let’s talk about some important points now.


  • Place the bag in a glass
  • Pour in water and ice. Stir it well
  • Voila! Your drink is ready to be served

*Add sugar if you prefer it sweeter

*The longer the bag stays in, the smoother the flavour


  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Artificial Colours


  • LYCHEE: A spoonful of winter helps the summer melt away. The iced rush of fresh lychees is all you need for an afternoon by the pool- Rs. 292/-
  • MINT GREEN: This iced blend gives you the sharp zest of icy mint any time of the day. The best part? It’s balanced with calming green tea- Rs. 265/-
  • WILD BERRY: Taste the smooth romance of summer strawberries and ripe raspberries blended with crushed ice. Made for sunny days- Rs. 265/-
  • PEACH: This drink is the smooth satisfaction of fresh peaches blended with the bold flavour of black iced tea- Rs. 292/-
  • LEMON: Lose yourself in zesty, lemony deliciousness dipped in ice. A world of freshness awaits with every sip you take- Rs. 265/-


  • Pick up the multi-flavour trial pack available at a reduced cost to figure out which ones you like he most- Rs. 234/-


  • You can avail 10% discount on your purchase of ice brew range





All New ‘Everyday Value’ offer by Domino’s India

Domino’s India has announced the launch of everyday value price on its range of regular sized pizzas. This exciting offer will enable customers to buy two regular pizzas at a lucrative price of Rs.99 each. This new price will offer great value for money on Domino’s Pizza for small group of  2.

I ordered 2 pizzas for INR 99 each and loved the taste, it was as scrumptious and delicious as I would like my pizzas to be! It was delivered well in time and was warm enough for the taste to stay intact.



Announcing the launch, Mr. Pratik Pota, CEO and Whole time Director, Jubilant FoodWorks Limited said, “Further to the success of the Everyday Value pricing last year, we are now extending the Everyday Value platform to Regular sized pizzas. The Everyday Value price at Rs.99 each for two Regular sized pizzas will help us target small group occasions, and trigger increased spontaneous consumption of pizzas in single or couple ordering instances. We expect the attractive price to drive both increased penetration of pizzas as also increase in frequency of consumption.”



Next Generation Filtration That Will Revolutionize The Way We Drink Water

India welcomes this little beauty ‘nkd LIFE‘, the state-of-the-art technology coming straight from the NASA space programme, that has got the immense power to provide you with the best unadulterated form of water. These are the world’s best water filter bottles using the most advanced water filter tech developed for NASA for pure water, as nature intended.

✓ Water-related diseases are the world’s leading killer and every year, more than 3.4 people die due to waterborne illness.
✓ Such type of diseases are acquired by drinking contaminated water or the water that is not filtered and it has the bacterial presence
✓ In India, thousands of people die due to common waterborne diseases like Typhoid, Cholera, Hepatitis A & E, Gastroenteritis and etc. .

A British start-up, nkd has shaken up the global bottled water market with the recent launch of its pod+. Representing the next generation of filter, nkd bottles allow you to fill up your bottle from the dirtiest lake, rivers, ponds and puddles- any source except sea water. It immediately filters up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. What you will get is the cleanest, safest and best tasting water imaginable.

Not does Pod+ clean, it actually supercharges, resulting in water that is slightly more alkaline, ionised and higher in antioxidants thereby helping to hydrate you faster and take away old debris from your cells! The pod shaped water bottle is impact resistant and leak proof while the fully attached cap protects the mouthpiece from exposure to dirt or germs.

nkd LIFE bottle is priced at INR 2,499 and the filter is at INR 999
✓ Available at Croma, Relay Airport Stores, Amazon, Flipkart & Croma Retail Online across India

It comes in six different colors. The pod+ filter lasts 300 bottle refills, equivalent to 175 litres of water or around two months’ regular use, before it needs replacement.

nkd LIFE is a British Company specializing in the design, development, manufacture and sales of cutting edge water purification and filtration technologies that stand clearly ahead of the market in terms of design, technology, quality, functionality and ease of use.

P.S.- nkd stands for “naked as nature intended”

bigbasket’s new and healthy ‘GoodDiet’ range of superfoods is all that you need for a healthy lifestyle

As I have taken up the challenge to lose some kilos and become healthy, the toughest part is to drop the temptation of hogging my favorite junk food (Chola Bhaturas and Pao Bhajis) that I have been swearing by all these years.. Gosh, it’s going to be damn difficult.

In order to achieve my fitness goal, what I EAT becomes the most important part of my life. Hence, the biggest change I have adopted is to replace my habit of Snacking Fried Food by @bigbasketcom GoodDiet range (foods that pack a punch of health).

bigbasket, India’s largest online supermarket, has launched a new healthy range of foods called the “GoodDiet” range which is full of nutrition. This healthy range consists of ready-to-cook mixes, roasted snacks, and other superfoods – the ones our grandmother told us about – which one can enjoy on the move! This health-friendly snacking comes with multiple benefits such as better digestive health, minimizing signs of ageing, lowering blood cholesterol and regulating metabolism.

Big Basket Good Diet

This GoodDiet category of products comes after the recent launch of its ready-to-eat range of salads and single serves. Like the latter, GoodDiet range is also aimed at those who are always on the move but health conscious at the same time.

The ready-to-cook mixes are made from wholegrains such as Foxtail Millet, Kodo Millet, and Oats. Among the various options in roasted snacks are roasted flaxseeds, roasted pumpkin seeds and chia seeds. The super foods include buckwheat flour, amaranth grains and a variety of seeds from buckwheat to pumpkin. This new offering by bigbasket not only retains that flavor factor but also gives a healthier twist to cooking and snacking. Additionally, some of them are gluten-free, and thus, beneficial to those who may normally feel limited by allergies and dietary restrictions.

Big Basket Good Diet

The GoodDiet range offers an assortment of 12 different types of high-quality superfoods:

✓ White Quinoa Grains & White Quinoa Flour

✓ Black Rice & Forest Wild Rice

✓ Ancient Red Rice & White and Black Chia Seeds

✓ Roasted Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds

✓ Buckwheat Grains & Buckwheat Flour

✓  Organic Amaranth

Apart from the above mentioned, there is also an assortment of ready-to-cook healthy breakfast mixes such as millets dosa mix, kodo millet Pongal mix, oats idli, and others. For people like me who love to snack in between meals, there are various roasted snacks available as part of the range.

Big Basket Good Diet

In case, you want to be healthy too, then bigbasket Good Diet (GD) Products & Pricing is mentioned below-

✓ GD Breakfast Health Drink- Millet Vita, 100g @INR 59 for 100 g

✓ GD Breakfast Mix- Little Millet Kesari Bath, 200g @INR 79 for 200 g

✓ GD Buckwheat Seed, 500g @INR 175 for 500g

✓ GD Snacks- Roasted Quinoa Puff Tangy Margherita, 70g @INR 79 for 70g

✓ GD Snacks- Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, 125g @INR 219 for 125g

*Available at

Let’s get healthy together! Cheers!





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