Celebrate WORLD GIN DAY with some of the exciting cocktails served in Mumbai.

Raise a glass of your favourite juniper-based spirit to welcome WORLD GIN DAY, and sip away your worries as you enter into a new world fuelled with healthy sours and fizzy tonics. Celebrated to unite all the gin lovers across the globe, the WORLD GIN DAY brings festivals and carnivals never seen before.


Gaining popularity and becoming a preference of the new-age consumers, the versatile drink has never left your side- a true companion in all the seasons.  With the summer heat scorching up, revamp, remix and kick back with a glass or two as you groove past all your blues and seize the moment!


If you wish to celebrate the WORLD GIN DAY in full swing, here are some of our top picks of restaurants to witness the fun and indulge in liquid luck in Mumbai:

The Little Easy– Taking the classic route this time but of course, with a little twist, this quaint cafe gives you the absolute liberty to ‘Build your own G&T’  from the choice of your glass, garnish to fruit and tonic all at the price of Rs. 595 from 10th to 12th June 2022.

TAFTOON – Located in the cozy corner of BKC, Taftoon restaurant & bar, is an unprecedented space in Mumbai that lets you time travel to a legacy. This WORLD GIN DAY, celebrating the most-loved cocktail and presenting you the exquisite Grapefruit & Mint cooler with the coolest of refreshments to soothe all your worries.

DOME, InterContinental- Located on the rooftop of Intercontinental hotel, with an open-air lounge and a bar range that serves you a delicious range of cocktails.  Bringing their A-game this WORLD GIN DAY, this rooftop resto & bar has curated an exclusive G & T bar with a variety of gins from French 10 with gin, Campari, lime and sparkling wine, Cucumber Basil Spritzer to Bombay Sapphire, Hendrick’s and many more. The wide range will leave you spoiled for choice but also leave you wanting for more!

Kebab Korner, InterContinental – Kebab Korner, has been indulging its customers since 1960. After a brief pause of almost three years, the restaurant is back with zeal and the mission to charm the customers with their delectable dishes and lip-smacking drinks. This WORLD GIN DAY, the in-house specials G&T will truly let you experience the finest of liquid delights and indulge you in an experience like never before.

Grill & Tonic –  The rustic Mediterranean rooftop bar & bistro, facing the serene mountains of Sanjay Gandhi National Park serves you the perfect balance of hot grilled foods from around the world and unique trending cocktails. With specially-curated exclusives for WORLD GIN DAY, give your tastebuds a delightful treat, the in-house specials like Smoke in your eyes- grapefruit and thyme served with gin, Rise n shine-chamomile tea infused with gin with cucumber, honey shrub, rose petal and egg white and Mor Yarim-gin infused with blue pea tea poured of an enchanting concoction of dry vermouth, lilac blend and elderflower.

YAZU- The quaintly cosy ambience of Yazu, amid Mumbai’s hustle and bustle, is cutting edge and exciting. The ideal location to unwind after a long day. This WORLD GIN DAY, let down your hair and drown your worries as you sip on the YAZU Special SPICED GIN
AND TONIC, an Asian take on the spicy gin and tonic spiced with star anise and cinnamon.

KYMA –  Inspired by an all-day casual vibe, the chic dining and bar space focuses on Mediterranean and Asian cuisines, at One BKC! The bar area is masterfully long and entices you to sit on the comfortable bar chairs and sip on the plethora of drinks that the place has to offer, like the Tanned in Shanghai- a Japanese gin with yuzu and hibiscus cordial or from Japan with Love made with gin, Midori, lemon grass syrup dusted with matcha powder.

Blabber – Located in the western suburbs of Mumbai, an easy-going place that lets you sit back and relax and of course lets you blabber over some fine food and drinks. Blabbers in-house special G N T, made with Gordon’s Gin, lavender syrup, fresh rosemary, lime juice, and tonic water will leave you wanting for more or if you have a thing for classics then SIN-A-GIN and Gin Savor might just make up your WORLD GIN DAY!

With many options and varieties of drinks to pick from make your weekends healthier, lighter and happier. On the occasion of WORLD GIN DAY raise a toast and wipe your worries away!

The Delicious Rum Tasting Session @La Rhumerie de Chamarel, Mauritius

The Delicious Rum Tasting Session @La Rhumerie de Chamarel, Mauritius

Perched 300 meters above the coast of South West Mauritius, the Rhumerie de Chamarel lies in a fertile valley influenced by its own micro-climate. Set in a charming chalet, exhibiting tropical and traditional vibes, The Rhumerie de Chamarel Distillery will have you learn all you need to know about Rum making on paradise island. You will get to enjoy a boozily delicious rum tasting session, discovering the different flavours of rum the distillery manufactures.

It also offers a guided tour with one of the experienced guides who takes you behind the scenes to provide a detailed explanation of the rum making process while you visit the distillery. This activity lets you choose from 2 options. You can enjoy a quaint visit and rum tasting or you can choose the second option which would enable you to have a delicious lunch as well as a visit and rum tasting.

A truly unique tourist attraction, it encompasses a distillery and an agricultural plantation on an eco-friendly estate.As part of the rum tasting you will be invited to sample a selection of rums such as the: White Rum, Coeur de Chauffe, Chamarel Liquors, Exotic- Flavoured Rums and the Old Rum. Some important information is mentioned below for your understanding:

☆ The Rhumerie de Chamarel distillery tour is done in either English or French at the duration of the tour is of about 30 to 40 minutes.

☆ Price for the Rhumerie de Chamarel Distillery Tour – 11 Euros, per person (adult)
6 Euros, per child (3-12)

☆ Location- South West

☆ Operating Hours: 09:00 – 16:30

☆ Operating Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday!


La Rhumerie de Chamarel is one of the rare distilleries still in activity to cultivate its own sugarcane. They are carefully selected and grown exclusively for the production of the Chamarel Rums: here lies the first secret of its quality. The harvest is done by hand, without ever burning the crops, and extends between July to December. The identification of the various crops and their traceability will allow the Master Blender to select the finest lots for the White Rums and the Old Rums.

The freshly harvested sugarcane is then transferred within 4 hours to the Distillery to preserve its freshness and aromas. The first pressed sugarcane juice is filtered, then taken to 25HL stainless steel vats to initiate the alcoholic fermentation. Their selection of yeasts and controlled parameters allow the development of a unique aromatic bouquet.

One of the highlights of the distillery’s guided tour is definitely the Rum tasting. At the end of the tour, unique rum tastings are offered where one can try the selection of the agricultural Rums produced by the distillery. As opposed to the traditional rum produced by the distillation of molasses, the agricultural rum is obtained by distilling pure cane juice, a process which gives it its specific aromas and flavors.


At the Chamarel Distillery, various means of distillation are available thanks to the complexity of their devices. The White Rum is distilled in a Barbet type plate column, entirely made of copper. This column allows the separation of heads, heart and tail, which guarantees an optimum quality. The Double Distillation Rum is distilled in two 20HL copper stills, following the Cognac method. This distillation technique allows for a remarkable finesse. This process is very uncommon for Rum preparation, and makes it a unique product.


The distilled rum is stocked for at least 6 months in stainless steel vats for a slow and gradual decrease of the alcohol content, allowing it to acquire a pleasant roundness and its full expression. Part of the White Rum is transferred to ageing cellars. Barrels, casks, ovals, French oak, American oak, 18 months, 3 years, 6 years, …an array of combinations and mystery allow the White Rum to obtain its aromas, its roundness and its colour. As long as the angels are watching over the Rums, they have all their time

Do add this to your itinerary whenever you visit Mauritius next! Hasta-La-Vista!


The Most Unexplored and Peaceful Beaches of Goa!

The pristine blue waves, the sunny hues, the sandcastles and the salty breeze are what keep me going back to Goa. Now, anybody who has been to Goa even once would have surely visited a few popular beaches here. Be it the shacks, cocktail starry nights, soulful music, seafood, the rocking nightlife or the tranquillity it offers – different people chase different things in Goa! There are many popular beaches like Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach, Calangute or Vagator, the list is pretty long. I am an absolute beach person and as a beach-craving soul, I went on to explore some unexplored beach spots in Goa during my last visit.

I am listing down my top 5 favourite unexplored beaches of Goa, check them out below!


Cola Beach is in the Canacona region of South Goa, 31.1 kms from Margao and 9.6 kms from Agonda Beach. Cola Beach is an unexplored beach in South Goa that not many tourists are yet aware of. With its tall coconut trees and beautiful terrain, it almost feels like a private beach.

Cola Beach

The beach is divided into two parts – North Cola, and South Cola, with a small hill separating the two.

North Cola Beach is 800 meters long, while South Cola at 145 meters is much smaller.

There is a small river (Khola) that creates a lagoon on the northern side, which is why Cola Beach is often referred to as Khola beach. The river and its lagoon give Cola Beach a unique landscape, different from most other beaches in Goa. There are a handful of hotels and accommodation options around, and only a few beach shacks, keeping Cola’s serenity intact.

The tranquillity of this beach is incomparable. If you’re someone who likes peace more than the party spots, then Cola Beach is the place for you!

– Exact Location: Cola Beach Road, Cola, Goa!

– How to Reach: From Margao, you can reach the Cola Beach by first taking the MDR41 and then the MDR49. You have to hire a car or a bike to reach this beautiful beach.


Another tranquil beach that has made it to our list is Kakolem Beach. It is one of the raw beaches of South Goa. Also known as the Tiger Beach, Kakolem Beach is one of the most secluded and naturally beautiful beaches in Goa. You will hardly see any people around, and it is a haven for peace lovers! It is squeaky clean and can only be accessed from

Cola village or if you take a boat to reach here. There are a few eco-friendly resorts as you reach Cola village, in case you want to stay.

Would you like to know that why this beach is called Tiger Beach?

According to an urban legend, this used to be the spot to hunt tigers. But truth be told, no one has really spotted tigers here, recently.

– Exact Location: Kakolem Beach, South Goa, Located 31 kms away from the city of Margao, Kakolem Beach is about 7 kms to the South of the Cabo de Rama resort.

– How to Reach: One can reach this beach only by private transport, such as cabs, auto-rickshaws available from Margao. You can also reach the beach by boat or motorboat.


Now let me tell you about one of the most beautiful beaches to visit in Goa, which is another hidden gem here. Velsao Beach is located in Vasco da Gama, quite close to the Dabolim Airport and is richly blessed with silver sands, coconut groves and lakes decked up with lilies.

Situated on the southern coast of Goa, Velsao Beach connects with the Bogmalo Beach lying to its north side and the Majorda & Colva Beach lying to its south. It’s a beautiful beach lined with thick coconut trees. It has a lovely long stretch of white sand which is a treat to the eyes and makes for a perfect place for relaxation, soothing walks and sunbathing. It’s such a peaceful beach which lets you be close to nature, you can hear the chirping of birds and peaceful sounds

of nature. The soothing air, cool breeze and water of the beach simply create a perfect picturesque view. It offers a mesmerising view of the sunrise and sunset, so make sure to be here at the time of dawn and dusk.

– Exact Location: 9V3M+QG9, Consua, Goa 403712. – How to Reach: There are direct buses services available from Panaji to Velsao.


Butterfly Beach is situated in the Canacona region of Goa. This beach is also known as the Honeymoon Beach which is in the form of a small cove surrounded by dense trees. One of the most secluded and lesser-known beaches of Goa, Butterfly Beach is mostly accessible by a boat (ferry) ride from the nearby beaches, which only adds to the overall charm of this beach.

You can bag the best time of your vacation at Butterfly Beach which is north of Palolem Beach in Southern Goa. Enjoy your solitude, away from the rest of the world and also experience the wonderful aquatic life out in the open front of the beach.

It’s a haven for the newlyweds and lovebirds for a secluded vacation, and hence it’s also popularly called the Honeymoon Beach. It’s a fun picnic spot; you can spend quality time with your family, friends, BFF or your partner. You can also get to witness the wandering sea urchins, redfish, goldfish and sea cucumbers here. You would rarely get to see this sight anywhere else in Goa. Bookmark this one right away!

– Exact Location: This place is located at the end of Palolem Beach.

– How to Reach: You can opt for a ferry from Palolem or Agonda Beach or even a boat ride is available too.


Sinquerim Beach is located just beside Aguada Fort, a major tourist attraction in Goa with immense historical significance.

Beach is located around 13 kms from Panaji and has a spectacular stretch of sand.

It is located in the south of famous beaches like Baga, Calangute and Candolim. An ideal place for swimming, this beach at Sinquerim lies adjacent to the Aguada Beach.

This beach stretches all the way north to Baga, making it great for casual walking, enjoying the spectacular sunset views & capturing them in your camera. Its beauty is enhanced several times during the sunset, and taking a walk on the beach then is an altogether different experience. There are a few tourist resorts, hotels and some amazing restaurants at this beach. You can catch a taxi, motorbike or a bus to go to Sinquerim.

Exact Location: Candolim Beach, Bardez Taluka, North Goa.

How to Reach: Sinquerim Beach is located just 14 kms from Panjim. You can hire a taxi or private vehicle to reach it.


Savour a Slice of Heaven at Roasted by Roseate, Vasant Kunj !


Embark on a gastronomical journey and let the gourmand in you surrender to the delectable flavours. Our favourite patisserie is now open in Vasant Kunj, making hearts melt with its freshly baked breads & cakes..

With classy interiors and an impressive outdoor seating, Roasted by Roseate offers 15 varieties of breads accompanied with exotic marmalade jams and flavoured butters to go with! .Making it delightful with the moreish cakes & freshly brewed coffee! ☕

What’s brewing? Find out what’s inside your fortune cookie, I got mine @rbrvasantkunj @chef_anand_panwar 🍪

Just when the weather is perfect for a hot cup of coffee with the most beautiful view outside. Winters are the best time to indulge in delectable desserts, with a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee. Roasted by Roseate is an absolute cafe of delight! Pay a visit to experience the best hospitality in town! It’s located at Vasant Kunj 🌟

The Toast of Rustic-luxury

The Toast of Rustic-luxury

An architectural marvel of nature-inspired innovation, Jaipur Farm delivers some of the region’s most remarkable views where every inch is handcrafted with love. This beautiful farm is spread over whopping 72,000 sq ft of a highland which is 50 ft. above road level and with a fort-like entry..Let’s take you through this heavenly abode.

Dance it out, sing it away or just breathe the fresh air and chill like a boss!

The Perfect Rejuvenation with your BFFs (Best Family Forever or Best Friends Forever). Whatever mood you’re in, this place has got the charm to bring you the much required peace and pleasure. From Swimming Pool to outdoor couches to Jodhpuri tents to bamboo lounges, Jaipur farm is enriched with all what it takes to be a destination of Life.

A compact yet contemporary setup in a Farmland..!

This is creativity at its best, this box has been created into a compact modern room for a couple or a single person to enjoy his/her stay in a cozy yet comfortable way. From beautifully done up decor to a queen’s bed, an attached bathroom, small sitting area to a classic mirror,this room will give you minimalist yet a comfortable stay. An outdoor swing and a beautiful sitting area under the sunlight, this corner is apt for a couple to spend some quality time with each other.

Rajasthani Ethnic Villa Room @jaipur_farm

This is a villa room at the Jaipur Farm. The theme of this room is Rajasthani, each corner of this spacious room reflects authentic rajasthan beauty. It has been designed rather aesthetically . It can accommodate a group of four to five people..It has a separate dining area and a huge garden. With greenery all around and birds chirping, this is a heavenly abode for travelers. .
Farming, book reading, movie watching under the stars, live music and BBQ..!!

A quick 30-minute ride from Jaipur, This Farm is a weekend escape into nature. Jaipur Farm sits at the top of the scenic village, where a constant fresh breeze helps to distress and center yourself with nature throughout your stay.

If you are looking for a perfect family or friends staycation, Jaipur farm won’t disappoint you. Open gardens, rustic feel, tête-à-tête with nature, lively nights and warm hospitality, you’ll get it all over here. I spent an awesome time farming fresh cauliflower and radish in this beautiful farm.

A bit about Jaipur Farm:

A family where generations stay together has given a birth to this idea of living pure. Ravi and Akhilesh are brothers and friends carving this marvelous piece of land along with their better halves. Having roamed around the world and exploring the most beautiful places, this family has a lot to offer and this is why, JAIPUR FARM would always be WIP. Ravi, otherwise CEO of a tech company in Jaipur, he finds himself most of the time on a laptop but under a tree. Every inch of their work is to add nature and experience to your moments.

Live Like a Maharaja on Airbnb

Live Like a Maharaja on Airbnb

Jaipur’s Royal Family becomes Airbnb’s first Royal Hosts, listing their family home, the City Palace of Jaipur on Airbnb

The 300 year old City Palace of Jaipur, home to Jaipur’s Royal Family, has played host to numerous guests over the centuries. From November 23, 2019, the Gudliya Suite at the City Palace will become accessible to outside guests, and will be able to be booked for the first time ever on Airbnb, with His Highness Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh becoming the first Maharaja to offer a stay at his palace on Airbnb, in order to help support the women’s empowerment initiatives of the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation.

Steeped in history, and located in the heart of Jaipur, capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan, the City Palace is one of India’s most iconic buildings. Guests will be able to book and stay in the luxurious Gudliya Suite, located within one of the private sections of a royal palace that, until now, has been used for the royals and their special guests. The Suite includes its own lounge, kitchen, luxurious bathroom and private, indoor swimming pool.

Guests will truly get to experience what it’s like to live like royalty.  A practical and down-to-earth modern Royal, the host is the dapper, polo-playing 21-year old Maharajah, Padmanabh Singh, who succeeded his grandfather in 2011 as the Maharaja of a land his ancestors have ruled for nearly a thousand years. 

Built in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the founder of the city of Jaipur, the City Palace exemplifies the best of 18th century Rajput architecture with and other architectural influences of later periods. The interiors contain ornate chambers, large and airy reception halls, crystal chandeliers, gilded wall decorations, intricate carvings and in addition to the royal residence, the sprawling palace complex houses a large, internationally recognised museum. Notable visiting dignitaries have included Bill Clinton, Prince Charles and Jackie Kennedy, among others. 

Guests of the Gudliya Suite at the City Palace will be provided an inspiring journey into the rich history, cultural heritage and artistic traditions of Jaipur’s royal family. Guests will be looked after by a private butler and guide who will arrange curated city experiences including shopping tours, guided walks through local museums and other excursions.  Authentic Rajasthani meals may be enjoyed on a terrace offering an amazing view of the surrounding Aravalli hills and forts overlooking the palace, and peaceful afternoon tea can be had in the company of the resident peacocks who live in the Palace’s lush gardens.

“I am thrilled that my family and I are partnering with Airbnb to bring the splendour of Rajasthan to life for travelers from around the world. My own travels with Airbnb have made me feel very welcome in new cities and cultures, and I am happy that the experience of quintessential Indian hospitality will be shared with others.” stated His Highness Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh.

The Palace has never been available to be booked by outside guests before. Proceeds from each booking will go to the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting rural women and artisans in Rajasthan.  For the remainder of 2019, the Gudliya Suite, priced at $8,000 per night, will be available to book on select nights at a special inaugural offer of $1,000 USD per night, with Airbnb paying the balance amount for each booking as a contribution to the Foundation. From January 1st onwards, the Suite will be available for guests to book at the full $8,000 USD rate.

The Gudliya Suite will be available for stays starting November 23. To make a booking, guests can visit as of now.

Since inception, Airbnb has set itself apart by redefining the way people travel. Offering 7+ million unique places to stay including over 4000 castles, Airbnb has pioneered experiential travel creating magical stays for over half a billion guests.

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