An architectural marvel of nature-inspired innovation, Jaipur Farm delivers some of the region’s most remarkable views where every inch is handcrafted with love. This beautiful farm is spread over whopping 72,000 sq ft of a highland which is 50 ft. above road level and with a fort-like entry..Let’s take you through this heavenly abode.

Dance it out, sing it away or just breathe the fresh air and chill like a boss!

The Perfect Rejuvenation with your BFFs (Best Family Forever or Best Friends Forever). Whatever mood you’re in, this place has got the charm to bring you the much required peace and pleasure. From Swimming Pool to outdoor couches to Jodhpuri tents to bamboo lounges, Jaipur farm is enriched with all what it takes to be a destination of Life.

A compact yet contemporary setup in a Farmland..!

This is creativity at its best, this box has been created into a compact modern room for a couple or a single person to enjoy his/her stay in a cozy yet comfortable way. From beautifully done up decor to a queen’s bed, an attached bathroom, small sitting area to a classic mirror,this room will give you minimalist yet a comfortable stay. An outdoor swing and a beautiful sitting area under the sunlight, this corner is apt for a couple to spend some quality time with each other.

Rajasthani Ethnic Villa Room @jaipur_farm

This is a villa room at the Jaipur Farm. The theme of this room is Rajasthani, each corner of this spacious room reflects authentic rajasthan beauty. It has been designed rather aesthetically . It can accommodate a group of four to five people..It has a separate dining area and a huge garden. With greenery all around and birds chirping, this is a heavenly abode for travelers. .
Farming, book reading, movie watching under the stars, live music and BBQ..!!

A quick 30-minute ride from Jaipur, This Farm is a weekend escape into nature. Jaipur Farm sits at the top of the scenic village, where a constant fresh breeze helps to distress and center yourself with nature throughout your stay.

If you are looking for a perfect family or friends staycation, Jaipur farm won’t disappoint you. Open gardens, rustic feel, tête-à-tête with nature, lively nights and warm hospitality, you’ll get it all over here. I spent an awesome time farming fresh cauliflower and radish in this beautiful farm.

A bit about Jaipur Farm:

A family where generations stay together has given a birth to this idea of living pure. Ravi and Akhilesh are brothers and friends carving this marvelous piece of land along with their better halves. Having roamed around the world and exploring the most beautiful places, this family has a lot to offer and this is why, JAIPUR FARM would always be WIP. Ravi, otherwise CEO of a tech company in Jaipur, he finds himself most of the time on a laptop but under a tree. Every inch of their work is to add nature and experience to your moments.

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