The moment you enter Juggernaut, you will probably feel the difference between the world outside the entrance door and the one within. Located in the rather congested Kailash Colony market area, Juggernaut is a welcome delight.



The moment you enter the ground level, the air conditioning helps you shrug off the humidity and the staff approaches you with a welcome drink and a customary tikka ceremony. In the background plays classical Carnatic music which adds to the place’ warm vibes. The entire ground level is just a welcome lobby and a few steps ahead takes you to a lift which will transport you to one of the second or third floors of the restaurant basis your choice. (the first level has a real estate builder’s office, else the entire building would have been juggernauted!)

The restaurant interiors are squeaky clean considering it only opened on July 15th. We chose the third level for the added feel of the terrace. The third level has a balcony and a huge glass façade in front from which enters bright natural light. In winters, it’s safe to assume that these large glass doors will be opened for patrons to enjoy the weather and the green cover. The ceiling is covered which means it’s not an open air yet gives you the same experience.




Moving onto the nourishment the restaurant offers. It’s a south Indian restaurant in the true sense of it and entirely vegetarian. It serves the good old dosa, idli, vada and utthapam. But though it’s the good old, the preparation is simply delicious. Idlis were melting, sambhar was perfect and the coconut and green chutneys were super. Dosa was crisp with plenty of butter on the side. Vadas could have been better but I guess that could be sorted without much of a fuss.



It also serves titbits like rava upma, poori bhaji, aloo bedmi, pao bhaji, onion pakodas, green chutney & cheese sandwich, croissant and what not!

In the mains, it has a full-fledged offering of options such as paneer gassi, paneer chettinad, Andhra tomato dal, appams, tamarind rice, curd rice, veg pulao and veg biryani to list a few. The beverages are perfect from mojitos to fresh limes to creamy cappuccinos and cold coffee. For tea connoisseur there is green tea, jasmine tea and ice teas. Shakes and smoothies add the perfect bulk to the beverage section. Muffins and patties can’t be left behind and the mushroom pattie is a must try.

For the sweet lovers, there is payasam, jalebi, gulab jamun, kheer and ice cream. Of course, they also have some pretty fantastic thaali options for one to consider and it also includes a north Indian offering. Must mention here that the place also runs a small bakery set up which offers cookies, muffins in a box, pickles and spices and stuff like ghee murukku, banana chips and thattai.

The only point of improvement is that the place needs better (read faster) service. The staff is polite to a fault but takes a while to bring your grub. Having said that, the place is a true pleasure. I was told it was in the making for almost two years and I must mention it was worth the wait. Such a relief to have a place which provides a great option to Sagar Ratna’s strangle hold on south Indian fare. One can visit anytime, its opens at 6 am and serves till 11pm. We went for lunch around 2 pm and for tea around 5:30 pm and the place was just delightful. And it also provides wifi! So don’t miss this place next time you’re this side of town, believe me it will send you back feeling happy and satiated.


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