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Travel Insurance? Wow, sounds fascinating. Didn’t know any such thing existed until I attended this event recently at The Lodi-The Garden Restaurant in New Delhi.

With Travel insurance, one can get the utmost protection against unseen medical and non-medical emergencies, while traveling away from your own city.

As Indians warm up to the concept of exploring and experimenting with new, exotic destinations, Religare Health Insurance can help the ‘wandering souls’ protect them from various unknown challenges that may come along with it.

Religare offers comprehensive travel insurance that includes-
✔ Hospitalisation expense
✔ Medical evacuation
✔ Dental expenses
✔ coverage for pre-existing diseases in case of life threatening situations
✔ Loss of checked-in baggage and passport
✔ Compensation for trip cancellation and interruption
✔ Up-gradation to business class

Religare Health Insurance is a specialized Health Insurer that offers health insurance products to employees of corporates, individual customers and financial inclusion. Launched in July’12, Religare Health Insurance has made significant progress, and is already operating out of 61 offices across the country.

You can visit to gather more information..!! Cheers..!! Be safe, Travel safe..!!




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